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Jul 27, 2002
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Hey guys, i'm having a difficult time deciding on which to field to pursue....I'm a first year med student at UCSD and they require to complete a research project...problem is, i can't decide whether i love the penis or the ass. NO JOKE!!

Both are very procedural fields, and i would love to do either one, but I just can't decide. I know its premature to think about this, but if anyone could shed some light on how to come up with an answer, please help.

Patient contact and long term patient relationship is a factor too...do any of you guys know which of the 2 fields have that potential patient relationship?

Thanks guys


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Feb 18, 2004
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Urology is a surgical subspeciality dealing with problems in urinary tract and prostate.

Both GI and GU have a good amount of procedureal medicine.
Probably, GI has more patient contact than GU which is highly surgery-oriented and referral based. Also you can practice the genenral medicine plus GI if you want in your practice. A lot of people lately do 60%-100% of GI and 0%-40% of general internal medicine depend on what they like more.
GI docs are specialized in all the diseases of liver, gallbaddler, pancreas, and the digestive tract (the mouth down to the rectum). They are specialized in transplantations of liver, pancreas, stomatch, small or large bowels.

GI is very unique because it invloves all parts of science and medicine--> immunology/pathology/chemistry
/cancer/genetics/surgery,etc. at some level. And you can focus more on whatever you are intersted in.

As an endoscopic surgeon, you will be performing-->EGD, ERCP, EUS, capsule endoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy, liver biopsy, percunaeous cholecystomy, PEG, banding, endoscopic laser therapy, chromo-endoscopy (using dye to coat the mucosa for better visualization of irregularities and lesions), endoscopic fundoplication, endoscopic assisted laser treatment of Barrets, and endoscopic piecemeal resection of gastric/duodenal ulcers and many more procedures.



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Jul 26, 2003
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