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Discussion in 'Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties' started by unlikely doc, Apr 13, 2007.

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    hey all - i'm an MSIII who just had my mind blown by my gen surg rotation completely unexpectedly, and now i'm looking into gen surg residencies. i'm pretty set on california for family reasons, but i'm not from out west and am unfamiliar with most of the cali programs.

    does anyone who has looked into/attended gen surg programs in california have any info? overall i'd be looking for a place that doesn't get off on trying to kill their residents, but i'm an academically-minded individual and will want to be a strong fellowship applicant post-residency. also, places that give you the opportunity to work internationally (either as an established elective or flexibility to set up your own) are a plus.

    any insight is much appreciated - thanks for your time.
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    general surgery in california, not from west coast, academic but not malignant, strong fellowship matches, flexible that all? why not ask for 100k a year as well. :D just kidding. you're asking for a lot. i hope your board scores and grades are you good and that you're a real charmer in person. there are only a handfull of university based programs in california: ucsf, stanford, ucd, ucla, uci, usc, loma linda (less academic), ucsd. of these, stanford is probably best known for being resident friendly.

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