Jun 14, 2012
Just looking for some general advice.

Where I currently stand:
-Will be my finishing my 6th year of undergrad in the spring
- ~3.0 science GPA (strong upward trend-been taking extra courses to raise GPA)
-Lots of general technical experience (no dental yet, working on it) and lots of volunteering/community work
-Taking DAT in the summer
-Will be able to graduate either in the fall 2014 or spring 2015 (depending on how I stack my classes)

If I keep raising my GPA until I graduate, do well on the DAT in the summer, will I be on the right track? One thing I noticed is that ATSU has a requirement that pre-req. courses had to have been taken within the past 5 years (yet I will graduate in my 7th year). Is this a common requirement? I didnt see this requirement at UC Denver.

Thanks for any advice!