Nov 20, 2010
I have a dilemma with which physics class to take. I have taken Engineering physics lecture/lab at a local state university for credit during high school however, the credit did not transfer (I was going to retake it again for premed so it does not matter.)

Seeing previous threads about which physics to take - I noticed generally other people say it depends on the school, does not matter and that general physics is fine. I was thinking of taking general physics instead (due to a more rigorous course load the next semester.).

I just did not know how that would look in an application to medical school. The idea of taking a harder course at a university while in high school (engineering physics) but retaking an 'easier' version of it (general physics) as an undergraduate. I know that I can just take engineering physics again with my previous background, but I would just like to know how it would impact me if I were to take general physics.


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Jan 12, 2010
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it is the norm to take general physics, so you wouldn't look bad at all. I took engineering physics 1, and then general physics 2 and it was never brought up.