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Sep 25, 2002
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Thanks for reading my post. I am a 3rd year osteopathic student interested in Anesthesiology, and I have a couple of questions that I am hoping to get some input on.

1)How competetive do you forsee anesthesiology becoming? I know that there is not an absolute definitive way of answering this question, but any intelligent input and opinions will be appreciated. I ask about this because I am ranked near the bottom of my class and unfortunately my comlex step 1 board scores reflect it.

2)How do you go about applying for an anesthesiology residency. I see that it takes 4 years to complete, but some programs start at PGY2. Do those programs require students to apply after their intern year, or do they accept students a year in advance.

3)Do you think that it is necessary for osteopathic students interested in matching to Anesthesiology to take the usmle?

4)Do you think that taking step 2 early and doing decent will help program directors look past step1?

5)Can you recommend any other forums for the discussion of anesthesiology?

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