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The following programs are those in which residents have 90% or better success rate when taking the ABS examinations (both orals and written). They are not arranged in any particular order. Some may consider this a list of the best residency programs.... but remember, this is purely academic... no idea if some of these programs are malignant...
1) Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center
2) Loma Linda University
3) Kaiser Permanente
4) UC-Davis
5) University of colorado Health Sciences Center
6) Hospital of St. Raphael (CT)
7) National Capital Consortium
8) Atlanta Medical Center
9) Northwestern University
10)Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
11)Boston University
12)Brigham and Women's Hospital
13)Massachusetts General Hospital
14)Maine Medical Center
15)University of Michigan
16)St. Joseph Mercy Oakland
17)Mayo Graduate School of Medicine
18)Carolinas Medical Center
19)Duke University
20)New Hanover REgional Medical Center
21)St Barnabas Medical Center
22)Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
23)Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
24)Case Western Reserve University
25)Cleveland Clinic Foundation
26)Mount Carmel Health
27)Riverside Methodist Hospital
28)Easton Hospital
29)Brown University
30)Greenville Hospital
31)Vanderbilt University
32)Methodist Hospital of Dallas
33)University of Texas Southwestern
34)San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Ed. Consortium
35)Texas A&M Col. of Medicine
36)Inova Fairfax Hospital
37)Eastern Virginia Medical School
38)Swedish medical Center/First Hill
39)Madigan Army Medical Center
40)Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation
41)University of Wisconsin
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