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Feb 3, 2002
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hi , can anyone tell me where to study genetics for the step one.......i have heard that kaplan notes for genetics are sufficient there in better suggestion for it or should i stick with kaplan notes for genetics......i am having plenty of time as i am preparing to appear in summer..........
AMir :confused:


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Jun 4, 1999
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Kaplan notes for molecular genetics (which is what most of the genetics questions on the Step 1 will cover) is more than enough. Well, that and doing some questions, but you get my point. Good luck.


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Feb 26, 2002
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hey Amir genetics notes are enuff but u wont be able to answer some of the qs, so just dont overdo the genetics :)or it will give u some autosomal dominant,recessive.x-linked kinda disease ..:)well i took the test yesterday and it wasnt hard genetics comes but the one u can answer is clinical and one u cant are qs ,jin mein PHD ki hui ho ;)so do the clinical part .. pedigree analysis and u will be okay.. take care ..
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