Genetics-linked genes

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Sep 16, 2021
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Can anyone explain how would they answer this question? Thank you! The height and color genes are located near each other on the same chromosome and display complete linkage but the shape gene is located on different chromosome. If an individual with TtGgWw genotype and the T and g alleles on the same chromosome is crossed with ttGgWw individual, what result will be observed? (T-tall, t-short, G-green, g-yellow, W -wrinkled, w-smooth). A) all tall peas will be wrinkled. B) all wrinkled peas will be tall. C) all yellow peas will be tall. D) all tall peas will be yellow.

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I think it’s C. The question tells you that height and color are linked and that T and g are in the same chromosome. This is known as the repulsion or trans configuration. When gametes are formed, the TtGg individual will have two types of gametes tG and Tg. The other individual, ttGg, will have tG and tg gametes. When you do a cross/punnet square, you get Ttgg (tall and yellow), TtgG (tall and green), ttGg (short and green), and ttGG (short and green). Not all of the tall are yellow but all of the yellow are tall. Shape isn’t linked so A and B should be eliminated in the beginning.