1. X

    What counts as general biology?

    When I went to college, I started out at an online university for two quarters before transferring to an in-person university. I took General Biology I at my online school, but obviously didn't have a lab since the courses were online. My college doesn't require a second semester of general...
  2. kpuziuk

    Genetics-linked genes

    Can anyone explain how would they answer this question? Thank you! The height and color genes are located near each other on the same chromosome and display complete linkage but the shape gene is located on different chromosome. If an individual with TtGgWw...
  3. williamsmateo

    How hard is my semester?

    Hello, I am a pre-dental student. I am entering my 3rd year and I am taking Ochem II, Genetics, and Analytical Chemistry. How hard is my semester going to be, ball park? I passed Ochem I with a C and struggle to understand the material.
  4. N

    Bad idea?! Taking all these courses at the same time ?..

    So for the first semester of my sophomore year I am taking Physics 1 & lab, genetics, calc 2 and environment & society (writing and reading intensive course). Do you think it would be a bad idea to switch out the environmental class for biochemistry. is it a bad idea to take biochem at the same...
  5. chemdoctor

    Want to go to med school don’t really like Anatomy?

    Did any of you not like anatomy? I’m not really enjoying it. It’s easy but damn so much rote memorization... kinda boring here and there. What do y’all think about this? Is it a bad sign? I love genetics, Biochem, my neuroscience classes etc.
  6. theITcrowd

    Take Biochem and Genetics before completing orgo/bio...bad idea?

    Hi folks, In looking ahead at the next academic year, I'm considering taking biochem and genetics while completing orgo and bio. My schedule would look something like this: Fall 2019: Orgo 1, Bio 1, Biochem Spring 2020: Orgo 2, Bio 2, Genetics I see that most programs and schools recommend...
  7. R

    Best job opportunity for upcoming applicants?

    Hey all, hopefully someone out there has been in a similar situation and has some helpful suggestions. I've recently finished the DAT and scored pretty well, but with a subpar GPA, I still need more extracurriculars in order to become a more competitive applicant. I definitely plan on getting...
  8. P

    What PHD is right for me?

    Hello, all! This is kind of a confusing question; I would appreciate any help I can get. I am interested in the MD/Ph.D. programs. Regarding research, I am interested in the role that genetics plays in mental disorders/psychology. What route(s) could I take to achieve this? I will go over what...
  9. T

    UC Berkeley Extension Hematology & Genetics *DIY Post Bacc*

    Hello everyone! I know this is a shot in the dark, but help a fellow student out. So I'm currently taking Hematology, Pharmacology, and Genetics at UC Berkeley Extension (online). So before taking these classes I was ready to learn and ace all of them, and then once I took them I realized that...
  10. H

    Tulane Masters in Medical Genetics and Genomics

    The Tulane Masters in Medical Genetics and Genomics still has openings for students for the 2018 Fall class. We are a 1-year, post-baccalaureate Master which offers graduates an in-depth understanding of the rapidly advancing field of clinical human genetics. It is designed to prepare...
  11. M

    Advice on Postponing Step 1

    Hey guys! Complete newbie to posting (but veteran lurker). I'm an IMG graduate. I was scheduled to my Step 1 in 2 weeks but my NBME scores are dismal: NBME 13 (6/13/2018): 161 NBME 17 (5/17/2018): 178 That's an increase of 17 points over 4 weeks....still failing :dead: I've come to terms with...
  12. stardocscream

    Taking UC Berkeley Extension Genetics - Any way to study for the final well?

    Hello. I'm currently taking the UC Berkeley Extension Genetics course under Professor Placyk. I'll be getting ready to take my final soon...and I'm frankly a bit lost. As you guys know, genetics is a very large subject and I'm frankly feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since you have to get...
  13. stardocscream

    Taking UC Berkeley Extension Genetics - Any way to study for the final well?

    Hello. I'm currently taking the UC Berkeley Extension Genetics course under Professor Placyk. I'll be getting ready to take my final soon...and I'm frankly a bit lost. As you guys know, genetics is a very large subject and I'm frankly feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially since you have to...
  14. M

    Low GPA... What should I do?

    I just finished my sophomore year and I am very unhappy with my performance this spring semester... so now my overall gpa is a 3.14. I don’t know what happened, it just got the best of me I guess. Anyway, I was wondering if there’s still a chance I can raise my gpa enough (keep in mind I haven’t...
  15. U

    Imperativeness of "recommended" courses

    I am a 2017 graduate from UCD, political science major with 3.88 sGPA I have recently decided to take a second gap year due to some health issues. I could have applied this cycle, but it may have been in a somewhat haphazard fashion that it is possible to see regretting, with my burning only...
  16. N

    Online Genetics Courses

    Hello SDN, I know this question has been asked before, but I wanted to see if I could get any other responses...what are some good (i.e., comprehensive but relatively easy) online undergraduate genetics courses that can be taken during the summer? I am specifically looking for courses that start...
  17. D

    Help with scheduling and mcat

    Hello, I'm planning for my spring classes, but I'm in kind of a dilemma. This is my schedule for Spring 2019 semester before I take the mcat: Spring Semester Spanish organic lab physics II Biochemistry genetics Research I want to take a lighter load to study for the mcat (13 credits), but I...
  18. B

    Take a W or a B in Genetics?

    So, I have a couple personal reasons for why I'm not doing great in genetics, however I don't really want to bring them up as excuses or anything. My main question is if you guys think I should withdraw from my genetics class, or settle with (at best) a B or a B+. I've had to settle with Bs and...
  19. ashurso

    MCAT subject prevalence

    I am taking the mcat in spring 2019 and I am trying to decide which courses will courses to take at my school to help me get a better score. I will be taking Biochemistry in the fall and I am trying to decide between taking 1 of the following 3: genetics, cell bio, or physiology. The remaining...
  20. Awkotaku

    What classes did you take before the MCAT?

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in college and have taken general chemistry, physics, English, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and some statistics courses. I will be taking biology and organic chemistry in my junior year, genetics the summer before my senior year, and taking the yearlong...
  21. CalendarJ

    Lifestyle and Sleep

    Hello! I'm hoping to get some more background on the lifestyle and workloads of physician scientists. Do you often have to work overnight? Is it socially acceptable to work <60-hour weeks? How do you see lifestyle vary between fields, specifically with physician scientists? Background: 3rd...
  22. DarkKnight835

    I'm worry ADCOMS will think I'm Padding my GPA

    Hello everyone, I am current Sophomore at a 4 years state university. My plan is to take the MCAT in the Spring of my junior year (a year from now). However, I have a question regarding the classes that I will take. I am going to take 2 research-for-credits classes, totaling 6 credits during...
  23. Kakarrott

    Medical Genetics?

    Hello there, I want to ask you guys about this branch of medicine. I found it quite recently and there seems to be quite a little info about it. Most of the information I found was here in years old threads, so I decided that hopefully, I can get some new perspectives and insights. My first...
  24. 8

    Clinical Geneticists in Mexico

    Hello all, I live in Mexico and I am considering medical school in Mexico. I am interested in becoming a clinical geneticist. I am wondering what a clinical geneticist does in Mexico. I also want to know what the curriculum looks like as well. Does it include genomics? Have there been big...
  25. chemdoctor

    Genetics as a prerequisite for MD school?

    Just wondering if any of you have seen Genetics as a prerequisite for MD schools? I did some research and it looks like it depends on the school so would it be a good idea to take it anyway? I don't have to decide this now, as I will probably be taking Genetics next Fall. Any advice or input...
  26. F


    So, I've always been interested in repro (and genetics), and it looks like not every school offers reproduction courses? I'm not sure yet if I want to actually specialize in repro or not, but I would at least like to take repro related classes for my electives. So how about your school? Is...
  27. T

    Undergrad genetics course - irrelevant for medicine?

    I'm curious whether anyone else shares my opinion on this class being a nearly complete waste of time? I'm currently taking this as a pre-req, and I'd have to say that it is one of the top two or three most hated classes I've ever taken. I'm literally angry after a couple of hours of studying...
  28. A

    MCAT Classes - Biochem, Orgo 2, genetics, etc

    Hi! Just to provide some background: I am a freshman in a guaranteed medical school acceptance program. I am going to graduate in three years, which means I will have to take the MCAT next year (2018) possibly during April or May (I plan on applying out since it can't hurt, which means April is...
  29. F

    Genetics PhD: Non-Academia Based Careers

    Hello all, I am strongly considering embarking on a PhD program at University of Chicago in either the Human Genetics or Genetics, Genomics, and systems biology fields. My interests lie in research related to genetics and diseases in some way shape or form. I was wondering if anyone here has...
  30. R

    Grades - really upset and feel hopeless :( I don't know what to do.

    I really don't know who to go to advice about this and to be honest I'm kind of embarresed. I've been crying all day and I've never felt more stupid. I'm taking molecular genetics and the class is pretty much based on just our test grades. On the first exam I got an 80, which I guess I was okay...
  31. Dreamy747

    Genetics: PA vs. MD

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman Biology (concentration in Genetics) / Pre-Med student. First and foremost, I know I want a career between medicine and genetics. I've considered genetic counseling before, but from what I've found it is not as hands on as I would like. So I guess my question comes...
  32. S

    MSTP applicant, need to make decision- accepted Mount Sinai

    Hi all, First post so bear with me! Been interviewing at MSTP programs, specifically for genetics/human genomics/developmental biology. In terms of medical fields, considering ophthalmology. Super excited to get an acceptance from Mount Sinai :) My question now is: of my remaining interviews...
  33. A

    Biological Lit, Physics I, Cellular Biology, and Genetics in the same semester?

    This semester my University success coach advised that I take Biological Lit, Physics I, Cellular Biology, and Genetics (3 labs in total). This schedule was suggested opposed to substituting Genetics for Calculus (this is for a spring semester, so they suggested I take Calc I and Calc II back...
  34. 85-29

    Genetics Tips

    Hey all, I'm gearing up for my genetics final (t minus 18 days) and I'm looking for some good review resources that others have used. The final covers a lot of material, so I'm looking for tips and/or resources to help maximize my efficiency while studying. Any recommendations would be much...
  35. kuzy

    Genetics with Biochem II, Human Phys, and May MCAT?

    Hello Everyone, I will be graduating in the spring, and plan on taking biochem II (needed for biochem major), human physiology, and cognitive psych. I am thinking about adding another biology class to help bring up my sGPA, and have been considering genetics as it is a five credit course at my...
  36. cbabs

    Retaking Genetics Course

    Hi everyone, I took my Animal Science genetics course twice already. The first time I got a D and the second time I got a C-. I know some schools recommend not retaking the same class, but to take a higher level course. I don't know what my options would be as I would ideally like to get the...
  37. T

    Microbiology genetics cell and molec????

    Should I take orgo I, Anatomy I, genetics/lab, and cell and molec fall semester or take cell and molec with microbio/lab and anatomy II and Orgo II in the winter? Thanks
  38. T

    Wait to take genetics microbio/cell and molec?

    Should I wait to take genetics microbio and cell and molecular biology until after the DAT or take it the semester before.
  39. N

    Psychology Major but interested in Genetics

    How much does major matter when applying to MD-PhD programs? I have a summer's worth of bioinformatics research, a summer of part time computational neuroscience, as well as some psychology research on genetic bases of differences in human's cognition (mainly statistical analyses of large...
  40. big-smiles

    Biology portion of the DAT

    Hi! I have heard a lot of mixed things as to what courses are sufficient in preparing you for the biology section of the DAT. Initially, I thought that the content of gen bio 1 & 2 would be enough to prepare me; however, I've heard that courses such as biochemistry, immunology, and anatomy are...