Geodesic Chemistry. Triacontahedron Tryptamines.

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    In order to fully understand consciousness you must be aware of its limits and possibilities. The 5-HT receptor is where melatonin and serotonin do their work and where chemicals like DMT and LSD do also. This incidence must be a result of a dynamic 5-HT receptor open to administer a wide array of chemicals to its current activity.

    Tryptamines and Phenethylamines both have acitivty at the 5-HT receptor. So what is common among all these chemicals?

    Two of the four chemicals in DNA can be drawn on a truncated icosahedron using just the lines present. Almost all the chemicals that act on the 5-HT receptor fit this shape too in the same way.

    The other two chemicals in DNA can be drawn on a truncated rhombic triacontahedron.

    To further explain this phenomenon we should make a 5-HT acting chemical that fits the triacontahedron structure exclusively and study its pharmaceutical variations.

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