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Under the are where you list your "required courses that fulfill our (GW) prerequisite requirements" what are you guys putting under "semester?" Should we label the semesters (or quarters for me) as it is on AMCAS or as it would appear on my transcript from school? Anything info would help. Thanks!!!

And for all the UCLA people out there, when they say "If you are completeing a sequence of science courses recommended by your institution, you must list all the courses required to complete that sequence" do we have to? Is the LS series recommended or required? I did really bad in LS 1 and 2, but really well in LS 3 and 4 do you think I can get away with just writting LS 3 and 4? And for the Chem 14 series, it seems like we don't have enough credits. Chem 14A and Chem 14B for G Chem only comes out to 5.4 sememster hours not the required 6. What are you guys doing about this?

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1. don't worry about the lack of units. that's how our school does it, and if we fulfill our school's req's, then it's all good.
2. i used semester units like in amcas
3. i chose the required classes to list if i had enough units. for example, instead of listing all LS courses, i chose 3 because those 3 fulfill the unit requirements.

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what part of, " you MUST list all the courses required to complete that sequence," didn't you understand?

there is nothing easier to do than getting your app thrown out for not following basic instructions.
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