GeorgeSquared ABS 2023-2024

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Zoë Pipa

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Feb 7, 2023
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Hi All,
I just got accepted into the G2 program as of this morning for the 2024 class! I wanted to know if anyone who has done this program can give me some insight on a few things:
- where do the students usually live for this program? do people keep their cars on campus or?
- for anyone who has done the MS in physio at Gtown after completion - could you give me some insight on that application process and what the timeline usually looks like?
- what is tuition like? I'm having a hard time locating it on the website lol
- and any other comments people have feel free to contribute :)

(for reference, I have a LOW GPA (2.92cGPA and 2.62 sGPA but a strong upward trend - 4.0 in the last semester of college, 3.75 the semester before, and low 3s before that. I got an F in gen chem II one summer and it just messed me up entirely :( )

Thanks <3

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