Jul 23, 2014
Medical Student
Hi all I'm an IMG, ECFMG certified. I currently have a full time job, that I hate (horrible boss, extremely rude, stingy, etc...) I stayed with them since they are so flexible/lenient and I can take off whenever I want, but I just really can't stand them anymore. I'm looking for any other job, but am worried if I sign up for another full time job they won't be flexible for taking off days for interviews/etc... I would prefer to not work and just do interview season/study for step 3 to take in dec/jan. What do you guys think? Stick it out, find another job, or stop working and just study? I watch an elderly lady in addition to my full time job so I would not be completely broke and live with family to offset expenses.

Thanks for any input


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Oct 15, 2015
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If you are able to get through interview season without working the full time job (just watching the elderly lady and relying on family) and feel that you would be happier, I would go that route. Life is too short to stay in a situation that is toxic, and you have greater things on the horizon!

Otherwise maybe you could stay with the current job but work less hours to have time to study for step 3/interview/maintain your sanity!

Best of luck to you!