Getting an OB/GYN spot.

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Sep 28, 2002
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Hey, I have been struggling with a few issues. I am currently a third year medical student. I have recently become seriously interested in OB/GYN. Unfortunately, many negative experiences during my second year have decreased my competitiveness as an applicant. I suffered an injury that required almost a year of rehabilitation (I'm okay now), my mother passed away, and my grandfather (very important to me) passed away all during my second year. I went from being in the top half of my class to the bottom 25%. I also scored a 201 on the USMLE step 1. To tell you the truth, I am supprised that I made it through that year. I recieved a few C's that year, but I think I did just fine considering the circumstances. Now my question, how are the PD's going to view my applicatoin? Are they going to say, "tough luck, you should have done better, or you should have taken a leave or absense?"; or, do I have a legitimate chance at matching. I am just trying to seek information from anyone out there that might have some insight. Thanks.:confused:

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First thing you have to do is relax! I had a similar experience (although not nearly as traumatic as yours) during my first year that ended in similar results. What you want to make sure of, is to include all of it in your personal statement. That is exactly what I did and had only minor probs getting interviews. The only programs that weren't interested were the extremely competetive ones. Big deal! Believe me, I can live with that (and so can you). I actually had some PD's tell me during the interview that they were especially intrigued by my personal statement and wished to hear the story in person. Since my grades and Step I were less than stellar, I can honestly say that my personal statement probably helped in landing at least half my interviews. So much for all those who say nobody reads the personal statements. By the way, in case you were wondering, I ended matching into my #1 program. There is still a big light at the end of the tunnel!

P.S.- If you are going to use your tragedies as a reason for your performance (as well you should), you have got to make sure that you excel during your 3rd and 4th years. Remember, your story in the personal statement HAS to match your transcript, otherwise most PD will disregard your application (or so I've been told).
I suggest that you roatate at programs you are interested in applying your 4th year most schools will grant you an interview. Also I would concentrate on improving your transcript and by turning negative into positives.