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Getting Closer

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by dee vee emm, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. dee vee emm

    dee vee emm Future DVM 5+ Year Member

    Jun 12, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    So I just found out today I have an interview at the Ontario Veterinary College at the U of Guelph in Ontario. Its on the 27th of this month, and Im already starting to freak out (sorry the punctuation doesnt work on this keyboard).

    Anyways I know theres that one thread at the top of the discussion page about interviews but can anyone give me tips or advice about what to do to prepare myself and what kinda questions they ask...

    Did anyone else apply or get accepted there..

    THanks =)
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  3. raisin

    raisin 2+ Year Member

    Mar 1, 2008
    New Brunswick
    I have a friend who interviewed there but she was pretty cagey about the whole thing, so I dont have many details for you. I do believe she was asked some medical type questions, such as "what are the signs of stress in a dog", and "how do you go about extubating a dog". THey also asked her what various acronyms stood for (AVMA, CVMA...).

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