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Jul 16, 2002
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I am a second yr DO student looking for advice on getting into an Ophthalmology residency, be it DO or MD. I have an average GPA and would guess that my class rank is in the top 1/2. I have not taken my boards yet but will be in 9wks. I do have a publication, but it is neuro-muscular related. Do you think I have a chance, and if so what should I do next?



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Oct 1, 2002
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Welcome to the ophthalmology forum.

You're going to need to:

1) crush the USMLE, i.e. 250+

2) work with ophthalmologists and acquire outsanding LORs

3) Although Iowa won't let non-LCME accredited schools rotate here, try to find a strong ophthalmology department that will, e.g. Wilmer, Bascom, MEEI, Wills?
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