Getting into a formal post-bac program for career changers

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Sep 1, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I'm a career changer and I wanted some advice from any of you that have been admitted to a formal post bacc program designed for those who haven't taken prereqs. I'm from California so if anyone has specific experience with Scripps, SFSU, or Mills it would be greatly appreciated.

Essentially, what kind of stats does one need to be accepted into a formal post bacc program?? I know that the school websites state the minimum GPAs, etc. but are these still accurate? So for example, SFSU says that the minimum GPA is 2.5, but do they really accept many people with GPAs under a 3.0?

Also, do these programs look at your undergraduate GPA, graduate GPA, or weigh both equally? I do alot of volunteer work for non profit orgs and elderly health care facilities...should I try working at hospitals as well?

I didnt take any prereqs in college, but am thinking about taking Calculus at a JC to refresh my memory (its been more than a decade since Ive taken math). Is this a good idea??

Thank you so much for your time. :) I really want to follow my heart and pursue medicine and I know that I would probably do my best in a formal post bacc program. Any advice, tips, etc would be extremely helpful.

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