Jan 29, 2011
Resident [Any Field]
Any advice on how to tailor my last 18 months of fellowship toward making myself a competitive candidate for a medical line tract position at a university. I come from a program of 18 months clinical (hem/onc) and 18 months research. I have received already advice from some faculty and fellows, but wanted an outside perspective. In our program there have been fellows staying on a year or two (some much longer) with some obtaining successful placement at an academic center while others going into private practice or industry. While I do not fault these individuals as I understand it is a very personal decision I just want to make sure I am well prepared for the job market of academia. Of note, some of these fellows are MD/PhD with some who completed there PhD several years before their medical training to others who were fast-trackers. I myself do not have PhD and currently barely starting on projects now. My focus will be on clinical trials in thoracic oncology. Specifically, I want to know peoples opinion on the nuances of making yourself a competitive applicant more than the obvious of publications and grant funding. I know my mentor will continue to help me greatly, but I want an outside perspective as well as incite into job prospects in that particular field.