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Getting into Pharmacy school with another applicant?

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by Gloggles, Mar 12, 2018 at 11:33 PM.

  1. Gloggles


    So, I have been conflicted over the past few months about how to best do this. I was hoping everything would work out. It still may. I've always been tempted to tell the pharmacy schools that the school I choose to go to is the one that accepts both me and the other applicant. This is true, however, my family and the other applicant said not to tell the schools anything related to that. To tell them the generic "I heard it was good school" instead. I've just been following their advice so far. I'm wondering now if it really would hurt if I was strait forward with it. We sent applications at the exact same time too, so we could get dates within a week of each other so we can make a decision. If we did not get accepted to the same school, then the closest ones we got acceptances to would have to do.

    We started out with applying to 8 pharmacy schools. I got interview invites to all of them while she got interview invites to only 4 of them.

    This is our progress so far:
    LECOM-Bradenton: A plane ride made me miss it, and she never got accepted after her interview.
    Campbell University: She got accepted and accepted the acceptance. I got rejected after the interview.
    Binghamton University: I got accepted and accepted the acceptance. She got invited, but would rather not go here because of something her family told her about the town recently(so she's not going to).
    Roseman University: I got denied after interview (my first pharmacy interview). She just cancelled.
    Albany College of Pharmacy: Rejected her for an interview. I went and got accepted, but I declined the offer to chose Binghamton instead.
    Creighton University: She was rejected an interview after 3 months of waiting for a response, and I never responded to their invite.
    University of South Carolina: They still never responded to her. I got the invite after spring break, went to the interview, and I actually asked if they can wait until a decision has been made on her (well... I thought why not at this point?)
    High Point University: They rejected her and I eventually cancelled their interview.

    That's how that all went down. Now we are applying to more schools that are close to one another's currently accepted school (I got invites for these too about a month ago). I am just wondering if it really does bother the schools, and if they look at that kind of answer negatively? Or are there just better ways to put it? Or is my family right? Opinions? Don't get me wrong, my motivation isn't going to pharmacy school for because of her. Choosing a school that I would be happy at is one where her and I both support each other through the program working as a team.
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  3. BlackDiamond277


    Feb 15, 2017
    You definitely should not tell schools that you are looking for one that is accepting another applicant. Your family is right.
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  4. thursdayy


    Mar 6, 2018
    Wow. Thank you for sharing. It is strange the way adcoms work with how they decide who to invite for interviews/who to accept after them. Congrats to you and the other applicant on everything! People keep telling me that I’ll end up at the school I’m supposed to go to, lol. Which is somewhat comforting? Same to you, though. Binghamton/Vestal/Johnson City is kind of a depressing place but the new pharmacy building looks like it’ll be really nice!
  5. AH.Rx


    Oct 22, 2017
    So this is what pharmacy applicants are like nowadays....
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  6. Gloggles


    Yeah...The Adcoms are very strange. I feel it mostly the essay if everything else fits their requirements. I got help from somebody who use to be on one of these grad school boards. She said I had a very strong essay after she helped me. Volunteer experience and a GPA above 3.0 also contributed to that. Apparently, my 3.1 Overall GPA is high.

    And yeah, the I'm excited about that new building.
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