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May 13, 2009
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I need a gift idea ....

A bit of back story - I was supposed to have a procedure done on the 19th, that sort of got called because I had a hypertensive issue that got me admitted for that instead. The people in pre-op and in the ward I ended up admitted to were all fantastic, and I want to take each group a bit of a gift that they can share when I go back for another go at it ...

I was thinking of getting assorted individually wrapped candies - chocolates and hard candies both regular and sugar free, and some individually wrapped cookies that they have at my health food store that are sort of like a granola bar version of a cookie ... but with all the emphasis on being healthy now, is a gift basket like that a good idea? They all went above and beyond for me [even though I upchucked all over the place in preop ... and had a bit of a grumpy attack because of the migraine and nausea]

Any ideas?

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