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Sep 6, 2016
I don't know if this is the right thread... I tried to message Braluk but that e-mail address is nonexistent since 2006 I am assuming haha

First of all I think all of you guys at SDN are fantastic, helping clueless wannabe doctors like me.

I am currently in the penn post bac program and am having second thoughts. I have been reading up on the SDN and I think I probably should have done tulane/cincinatti/tufts/goucher.

Here are some stats:

GPA: 3.31 sGPA: 3.31 cGPA 3.31 Biomedical Engineer GWU

Old MCAT: 30

500 research hours / 400 clinical (EMT + shadowing) / from pa

Anyway I think I must stick with it now, so I must do well (which I think I will) and possibly boost the GPA to 3.4? Also I will try and blow the mcat out of the park (510+) then apply after I complete this year with my new grades on record.

Can anyone give me any other advice? Should I apply to another post bac program after this? Is it possible to switch?

Thank you in advance