Goljan live lectures ??

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Dec 13, 2003
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Hey everyone....

Out of curiosity....a friend of mine bought these audio lectures of Dr. Goljan. I listened to a few of the them. I guess its from his 5 day course that he has ???

In any event, from what i've just listened to they are REALLY REALLY good. Does anyone know whether these copies which are dubbed off of his real lectures, obviously, are they current ?? In addition, I mean does he really hold a class in teh summer ? If so I think i would probably do that instead of Kaplan ? Well if it included all the subjects in addition to just path .

Idiopathic...i know you are a student of his do you have any info on this guys lects ? I know you have stated in some earlier posts he's a traveling prof for kaplan. But in terms of his own review series ??


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If you're going to listen to bootleg copies of Dr. Goljan's lecture, for pete's sake go the whole nine yards and buy the notes on Ebay. The ones you want are about 400 page with lecture notes, high yield questions, etc. When he refers to tables and diagrams at least you'll know what he's talking about, although you don't get the path slides at the same time. I've seen them on there for about $70.

BTW this is not an endorsement for buying or selling copyrighted material. That's plain wrong.

Dr. G. is that good. If you can get his stuff, for a reasonable price, you should. As far as his 400 pages of notes, just try and find an inexpensive copy of his Pathology and Pathology Review book (published by STARS), or wait until May and get his Rapid Review Pathology book (the mother of all Pathology outline books). Anything you can get that is legitimate, I would recommend that you do so...just dont ask any current students, we have been threatened with expulsion;)
I bought the cd on ebay and for some reason cannot find the slides. Can anyone walk me through it?
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is there a legit copy of this that can be bought online at like amazon or buy.com?

if not, is there a recommend seller on ebay?
thanks for the replies....

as i stated in the original post i did not purchase these bootleg copies, i just heard some of one of the lectures and it was REALLY REALLY GOOD. the reason I originally posted was because I was interested in finding more about these lectures (ie does he still offer them, when , where, etc ). Obviously, i'm in school until the first week of May so I wouldnt be able to attend these lects until then. The only unfortunate thing about listening to these bootleg copies is that i can't see the diagrams he has. However, i suppose i could just refer to any book that goes over whtever he says and just use his lectures as something 'what's important'. And like someone suggested, i could just use WebPath for the rest.

But as I stated earlier if someone knows if these classes are really offered presently, I'd love to find out more info.

p.s. are they something that US med students attend, or are they more geared toward foreign/carribean students? Just wondering cuz I attend a US school and wouldnt want EVERYTHING broken down to the minutia....

wondering if he does offer a class or something. Got my hands on these and love listening to it. I wonder how much better he is in person now.
He does Kaplan...he can be very distracting, because he is hypomanic, and gets a little tangential sometimes, but he needs a diversion, because he gives you so much. I think the majority of the Kaplan students he teaches are FMG's, and they rave about him, saying that his material is all that is needed to pass Step 1. I actually agree that you can pass alone with just what he gives us.
that would put me into that category then, FMG. Although he'd prob be teaching during the summer. I was hoping to get a Kaplan class going this fall (Nov-Dec through whenever...)

Just listening to his stuff compared to what Im learning now, I realize how he puts in those small little pieces/details that make things make sense. Things our professors here tend to overlook at times.