Jun 1, 2009
Hi I was informed because of my low step 1 score (198), step 2 score (233) and B's in my third year clerkships I should apply to the second tier schools and some comm. programs for IM. I attended a top school in the south, but didnt work as hard as I should have hence the poor grades. But I am expecting good rec. letters. I have research experience. And I am doing research this year before applying for residency for 2010. I want to apply to schools near philly since my family lives there. I am going to take a chance and apply to major univ in philly and nearby jersey but I was wondering what comm. programs were good. I hoping to do a nephrology fellowship in the future. Hence, the desire to go to a univ. school if possible.

I am planning on applying to Univ. prg.
Thomas Jeff (probably will not get interview)
Penn State( heard the pt pop. is not diverse, not sure how good IM training will be)
Penn hospital (affiliated with UPENN-seemed good on paper)
Lehigh valley/penn state(also looked good)
Reading hospital
Lankenau hospital

RWJ-new brunswick (I am very interested in this program. although i dont know how competitive I will be.)
New jersey medical college
Newark Beth israel
St Barnabas
Jersey shore

VCU (probably wont get an interview)

Then I will probably also apply to UMASS and UCOnn, East Carolina. I plan on applying to at least 30 programs. But the ones in NJ and PA are the ones I hoping to get into.

Any input will be appreciated.


Meat Cookie

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Sep 27, 2003
If you're looking at the Philly area you should also look into Cooper Univ Hospital (RWJ-Camden)...good program with modern facilities and new Cooper Medical School just announced.
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