Good idea for post boards trips?

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Jul 26, 2012
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Anyone do anything awesome after boards? I think we have 2 weeks or so between boards and 3rd year rotations.

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Dang non of yall did anything awesome/have any great ideas planned?
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South Beach, San Diego, Vegas.

Trip to Europe would be sweet.

I mainly slept for a few days, went out to bars, played lots of video games, slept, and relaxed. But, if I was to go on a trip, those would be some sweet places :D
A classmate and I are going to go to Jamaica for a few days. He has a hookup with a super cheap apartment, so the whole trip is pretty affordable.

Vegas would be pretty awesome though. Just hot around post-boards time.
I'm still a newb, so the plan for now after boards is to go to Brazil for world cup. Unlikely the timing and finances will work with that dream though.

I'll probably just do a short trip to Europe since I haven't been yet. If I can make it, I'd like to do the running of the bulls thing in Spain sometime before I get old and intermittent claudication sets in.