Jul 12, 2018
Hello Everybody,

A while ago, I wrote that I was worried getting into some MSW programs. Fortunately, I got into a lot, especially Rutgers. After a tough decision, I chose Rutgers-Newark and will be commuting there starting September. I just want to know what the program is like. I have reviewed the website and feel like I know everything on there but I want to hear from students what the program is like. Is there anybody that has gone there and can tell me things about the program aren't on the brochure and website? Like which professors are the hardest and which class has the biggest workload?

This last question is a bit immature but what is the student life like for grad students? I know Rutgers-Newark is shown to be a commuter school but I was wondering if there are things like parties, talent shows, or even field trips for the students.

Please tell me anything you know.

Thank you!