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  1. W

    Pre-dents, how do you like to engage with current students?

    Hey guys, I'm involved with pre-dental committee at my school and just went through matriculation. When I was applying, I was a little more shy and wasn't going to every pre-dental day or event and instead preferred to check social media. I came to the website hundreds of times and was always...
  2. C

    MSW Got into Rutgers MSW program! What's it like?

    Hello Everybody, A while ago, I wrote that I was worried getting into some MSW programs. Fortunately, I got into a lot, especially Rutgers. After a tough decision, I chose Rutgers-Newark and will be commuting there starting September. I just want to know what the program is like. I have...
  3. R

    Ross University Experience in Barbados

    Hello, everyone. I've recently been accepted to Ross University for the September 2019 term. I know that RUSM recently moved from the island of Dominica to the island of Barbados. It is hard to find info about RUSM that is not about student life in Dominica. So I would really appreciate it if...
  4. J

    Rutgers South DPT Questions for Current/Past Students!!!

    Hi, so classes start in a few months and I just had a few questions that's been on my mind about student life at Rutgers South lol Any response is appreciated! 1. Does the school offer any sort of housing? I'm assuming no, but just wanted to be completely sure. 2. For those living in the...
  5. F

    What's student/social life at Johns Hopkins actually like?

    Just some background: I know nearly completely I want to pursue med, probably towards sports medicine or something of the sort. I want to apply to JHU (maybe even ED) but there's been many things I've heard about its campus life. I've been bouncing between several sources about this (and ditched...
  6. mochaluca

    Dorming in Grenada

    Hello! I was accepted into the St George's Veterinary Foundation Program for Fall 2018. I am super excited my vet dream is coming true, but I am also very concerned about living somewhere so far from home. I live in the hustle and bustle of NYC and am used to 24/7 delis and having cheap good...
  7. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Student Life at Wash U OTD

    Hi, I was accepted to Wash U's entry level OTD program. I am very excited about the opportunity but I have some questions about student life that I'm hoping a current or previous student may be able to answer. 1) Is there a location where most OT/ medical school students live? 2) Would...
  8. 6

    MCAT Study Tips for Non-Traditional (2nd Attempt)

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and offer your advice and support. Am a 30yo non-traditional student. Completed most my pre-requisite courses about 10 years ago with the exception to organic chemistry and biochemistry last year (C & A respectively). My first mistake was...
  9. cherryblossomsgalore

    Does PCOM have a student run clinic?

    I was look through its website and I didn't really see any information about one. I just wanted a confirmation from PCOM students or anyone else who knows. Thank you!
  10. Sweet_Tooth

    Joining Student Organizations in Undergrad

    Hello everyone, I tried to search for a thread on this but couldn't find one, so apologies if this has already been asked before. I was wondering whether it is beneficial to join student organizations in undergrad ie would it help one gain admission into dental school? Currently I'm a member of...
  11. HorseKrazy23

    Life in St. Kitts?

    Hey Guys! I am a student applying for the May term at Ross and I was wondering if someone could possibly respond with some insight on details for life in St. Kitts as a Ross student Things such as: How do we stay in contact with family/friends with no cell service Sending care packages and...