Jun 18, 2015

I am an IMG applying for the first time to 2016 match, and my medical school participates in EMSWP (Electronic Medical School Web Portal).

I received this email from ERAS today.

"You are receiving this message because we have on file one or more LoRs for your application and you have not yet entered that LoR Author's information in MyERAS. You have either selected to Reuse the LoR(s) or the LoR(s) was uploaded by your medical school through EMSWP -ERAS. The Verify Receipt of Documents page in OASIS lists those LoRs for your reference. If you have selected to Reuse your LoRs, you must go to the Letter of Recommendation page in MyERAS to manually enter the LoR Author information and Confirm the entry. The information will not automatically appear there. We cannot process these LoR(s) until you have done this. Please enter and confirm your LoR(s) so that we may upload your documents to the MyERAS PostOffice. Once completed, it will take up to 2 weeks to process the LoR(s). If you are not planning on using the LoR(s), please respond to this message and list which LoR(s) we can disregard."

Could you please let me know what this means? I went to the 'Verify Receipt of ERAS Documents' section in OASIS and found a letter of recommendation from my medical school's dean listed there. I assume my medical school has uploaded this letter. So what should I do now?

Should I go MyERAS LOR Portal and add my dean's name as a new LOR author? And if I do, should I create the Letter Upload Request Form and send it to my dean, or does the letter uploaded to my OASIS automatically get transferred to MyERAS LOR Portal?

Thanks so much.
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