ERAS Fellowship LOR Delay ?

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Mar 28, 2015
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Got an email from ERAS in which the following text stated "Documents (including LoRs) submitted to the EFDO will take up to 5 business days to process to your ERAS application. The day after submission is considered the first full business day. For example, an LoR submitted on a Tuesday will be processed by Tuesday of the following week. We encourage you to submit your documents as early as possible to ensure timely delivery to programs."

I formally sent in my LOR requests to the individual LORs the day after ERAS opened up (June 9 IIRC), and I emailed my LORs a few days afterwards stated July 19th was the deadline. I want to clarify so there is no ambiguity: if my LORs submit on July 18th and it takes 5 business days then simply being "uploaded" means my app will be late??? By this logic, seems the real deadline is July 12th...

Thanks for any guidance (only one previous post on this topic).

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If you want your full application to be available by the opening bell, then yes you are correct.
Can we still submit the application if we only have two letters and the rest will be uploaded as processed? I will have my other two submitted by the deadline but I’m just not sure if they will make it through efdo processing