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GPA and pharmacy school


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Apr 23, 2006
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They would look at both. I wouldn't worry about your GPA for a few reasons. 1 if you are doing that well, I doubt you would run into anything that would change it much. 2 even if you do drop some, adcoms love to see people with a degree and it would probably help more than the drop in GPA would hurt. 3 it never hurts to have a back up plan.
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Feb 11, 2007
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I have heard of situations where a student will boast about having a "4.0" in terms of their science courses, but the full story/overall GPA was less than impressive. Needless to say, that person was confused when they received no interview.

PharmCAS calculates science, non-science, math, and overall GPAs. But not all pharmacy schools use PharmCAS.

I have heard the same about pharmacy schools and how they favor a candidate with a Bachelor's in one of the Sciences versus someone with just the pre-reqs. Plus there are the other (what I feel are requirements) to being a complete candidate (extracurricular, pharmacy and life experiences).


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Sep 21, 2006
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I'm currently finishing up my second year at Penn State University. I have always liked the idea of becoming a pharmacist. I love the biochemistry aspect, and how different chemicals interact with the body on a molecular level.
Anyway, I plan on going to pharmacy school. I've completed all the required classes, expect 3 (which i can take in one semester). I've been fortunate enough to maintin a 3.98 through all the required classes. My question is.....Do the pharmacy schools look at the GPA of the required classes, or do they look at overall GPA(I was thinking about finishing my four year degree, to have a backup plan, and I was scared that GPA would drop in the next two years)

Any advice?

GPA is kind of like a buffer. The more you add, the less it reacts to swings in grades one way or the other. I'd say if you've got two years in that your cumulative GPA is somewhat buffered. The only thing you'd have to worry about is your science GPA. Hopefully the 3.98 can be interpreted as an inate ability to grasp concepts. If that's the case you should do fine. If it's the ability to study then it will depend on keeping study habits consistent and the ability to pick up essential concepts which make studying easier. Either way it seems you should do fine.
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