Aug 5, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
** This question is for physical therapy students or students trying or who have gotten accepted to a DPT school.**

Ok retry since I posted this on wrong forum... Hi everyone, I am a recent graduate who is and has applied to some schools for the 2020-2021 cycle. I have a total of 100 PT observation hours and 4 recommendations from my professors and a letter of recommendation from my physical therapist. I have taken my GRE as well but was told not to worry about my scores since the schools will basing my application on observational hours and my pre-requisite classes. I have taken all of my pre-requisites/science classes to apply. Here is my science classes I have taken with the grades:

Anatomy and Physiology with lab I: C

Anatomy and Physiology with lab II: A

General Chemistry I: B

General Chemistry I lab: A

General Chemistry II: A

General Chemistry II lab: A

General Biology I: A

General Biology I lab: A

General Biology II: A

General Biology II lab: B

General Physics I: D

General Physics I lab: A

General Physics II: B

General Physics II lab: B

Intro to Psychology: B

Developmental Psychology: B

Introduction to Statistics: C

Exercise Physiology with lab: B

Biomechanics with lab: B

Introduction to communications: A

English I: A

English II: A

I know my physics I looks bad... I took it last fall of 2019 with 21 credit hours while also taking Biomechanics and Introduction to Statistics but excelled in the class with 84% overall which was close to an A since it was based off a European grading scale (i.e. A = 85-100, B: 75-85, C: 65-75, etc.). My final was online and passed the final receiving a B on the exam making me feel as if I got a B in the course. Unfortunately my professor was not able to receive my exam and gave me a D due to not receiving the exam making it look like I missed the exam. I unfortunately did not take a picture of the exam of me having it complete which would of helped my case but have to take the D sadly but was able to get an A in the lab. I possibly plan on re-taking physics I again just in case next spring.

I am going with my gut and have applied so far to 5 physical therapy schools that require a minimum of a 3.0 or 3.2 minimum GPA and are planning to apply to more schools before the end of the year. I have been told by few of my friends who are engineers and one who has gotten accepted to a medical school that I shouldn't have an issue for getting an interview and accepted.

My question to all the physical therapist or students who are trying to get accepted or have been accepted, has anyone ever been given an interview or been accepted a low or average GPA? My GPA is not horrible but I'm just asking. And if so, do I have a chance of getting an interview/accepted? Also does anyone know of any schools that are not very competitive to make my chances greater for applying? Thank you and I hope everyone is being safe
Sep 19, 2020
  1. Other Health Professions Student
  2. Pre-Physical Therapy
I got Cs in both anatomy and physiology 1 and 2 and still got accepted.
Apr 14, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
I know that some programs don't accept lower than a C in any prerequisite courses and also have a max amount of Cs that are allowed. Look at what each program requires and if it isn't clear, email the contact person. Good luck to you and if you don't get in this cycle, I'd highly recommend retaking physics.

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