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Feb 28, 2008
Dental Student
Does anyone know of the best GPR and AEGD programs for placing implants? Any residents out there with suggestions? I know UF Jacksonville is implant-heavy, but are there any similar programs??? Thanks guys!


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May 8, 2008
San Antonio
Best is a subjective term. Some might mean best is that they get to place one per month and leave each day at 12 for a 1:00 tee time.

We at the Dental School in San Antonio place over 200 implants per year for 14 residents using 3 implant systems. 5 of our generalist faculty supervise impant placement, also have a prosthodontist who covers 50% of clinic sessions. We're renovating our Clinic to create a third IV sedation room. Lots of thirds. Two faculty at each clinic session to supervise ~8 residents, faculty do not provide care to their own patients during clinic sessions, they're there to teach!

The Audie Murphy VA AEGD in San Antonio also places implants, but do not know their data. Good program. Great city. We've hit over 100 degrees with little rain more than 20 times this summer. Wear a hat for that tee time!