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    Hi All,

    So I'm applying to AuD programs for Fall 2016 and I retook the GRE today. I was DEVASTATED!!! My score went down by 2 points instead of up at all. I'm really debating taking it a third time. So far my best was my first time (Q 153, V, 155, AW 4.5) though today I got 157 on V. I've used books and tutors and have studied over 100 hours for the GRE and still nothing improved. Are my numbers considered decent enough for AuD schools? I have a 3.75 GPA, 3 years of research experience, and strong LORS. I've heard that ASHA EdFind is less than accurate when it comes to posting schools statistics on acceptance for GPA and GRE. I really need to know more about how well my numbers fit with the schools that I'm looking at before I can decide. Would it be a good idea or bad idea to email Admissions heads at the schools I'm looking at (NOAC, Salus, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Rush, OU, and Pitt) to see what their general numbers are? I just want to make sure my application is on the right track. And if there's a way that I could not have to take the GRE again that would be ideal since today my score went down. Sorry for the rambling post!! Please respond with any advice or suggestions!!! Thank you!

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    Many schools will take you best combination of scores, which for you will be an overall of 310. A 310 will be competitive. Several schools use a 300 as a cut-off point. Your GPA is very good. It definitely is not a bad idea to email the schools you are interested in and see what their averages are. Good luck.

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