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    So I'm currently an undergraduate senior at a City University of New York preparing my graduate school portfolio for some PhD. Programs both instate and out fo state:
    - SUNY Buffalo
    - CUNY Graduate Center
    - Syracuse University
    - Northwestern
    - Vanderbilt

    There are some weaknesses in my applications:
    - One F in physics of musical sound
    - A weak GPA both overall and in the major.

    But some solid strengths
    - 2 years of research experience in a graduate school lab
    - 5 publications
    - Part of a NSF funded undergraduate research program

    Along with some strong recommendation letters from faculty members from one of the schools I'm applying to and my lab mentor. My personal statement is strong and explains why my GPA is so weak and I'm currently preparing for the GREs and anticipate scores that match up with Vanderbilt's standards for their Phd. Program.

    Can anyone who's either been admitted to any of the aforementioned graduate schools share if my weak GPA and F will strongly effect my admission into any of those programs? Basically, if I have to increase my GPA and apply during the next cycle.
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    It is unlikely that you are going to find many people on this particular forum who have applied to or have been accepted to these programs. But, as a general rule, having a poor GPA, whether it is overall, in your major, or both, is a very quick way for any program to weed you out. Most review committees have strict GPA criteria that will be used to toss out applications before they are reviewed further, so even if you have a great personal statement that explains the GPA issues, it might not ever get read. At a majority of universities, the applicant review committees are staffed by the non-tenured professors and they generally don't have time to dig deep on application that has a poor GPA to start with. You could try applying to a few schools this round and if you get in, then cool. If not, you can ask for additional feedback on your application. It would probably be a good idea to continue working on that GPA though.
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    The most important aspect of being admitted to a Ph.D. program is identifying a research interest and a mentor with expertise in that area. You will then want to contact the program and/or faculty member that you are interested in working with. Some programs may have specific guidelines for admission, but many will take each applicant individually and the decision for admissions is made by a combination of an admissions committee and/or the research mentor that will be taking the student on. You seem to have strong research background already and if you can find a mentor that you share research interests in, then you may have an excellent chance at admissions. As opposed to Au.D. admissions, Ph.D. are very much case by case in my experience.
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    If it were me, I’d apply to places down south. Now I hope no one takes this offensively but New York is top notch and they expect perfection. It’s just the culture of NYC. I love it but that’s also why I won’t ever apply up there. I’m not a 4.0 kid. Anyway, a place with known lower GPA’s and higher acceptance rates is where I’d apply. I’d go to the ASHA website and start scoping out colleges and their acceptance rates, that are normally on their website. You have a fighting chance. Don’t give up! In this field I have heard and witnessed cross-country moves. Prepare for that. Also, as someone stated get in with a professor of the area you want so you can get on a personal level with them. Email them. Ask if you could take a tour of the facility and then start a conversation.. get on a personal level. Tell them your personal statement, in person, it has more weight. I’ve met with a professor at Gallaudet personally and have a good network now if I choose to apply there. He knows my story, my face, my passion, etc. He’s also on the board so when my application goes across him, he’ll remember my name and my face and my passion. :) Best of luck to you!

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