GRE for Ortho

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Jun 1, 2005
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Hey my question is regarding GRE for Ortho. I was wondering how long after you take the computer GRE are your scores available for review by adcoms and PDs etc. I wouldnt want my app to be delayed consideration cause of a late GRE score. the earliest I might be able to take the exam is mid July, but i was thinking mid August.

Also, how long do you think is good enough to study for this exam. I was thinking roughly 2 weeks...5-6 hours a day. Any insight?

Responses are much appreciated.

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I took the GRE to get into my Master's program 2 years ago, and I got perfect scores on the verbal and the analytical writing sections, and scored in the mid 600s in the math section, so I had in the mid 1400s with two 6s for writing. I realize that I am just a lowly incoming D1 and no where near as cool as all of you actual graduate dentists, but I did take the GRE, so I thought I might be able to offer some insight. When I took the GRE I studied 2-4 hours a day for about 2 weeks using the Kaplan GRE book. Then every night before bed I would review the vocab words in the back of the GRE book. I memorized 20 words a night, and read through all of the words. I read through the sample writing samples once and did all of the math problems, which are easier than the DAT was. The GRE is really easy. Just remember that you need to do really well on the first few questions because they set the difficulty of the entire test, so read through the intro section of your GRE book to refresh your memory with how the test works. With adaptive testing, an examinee is administered a set of questions with a difficulty level that is specifically designed to match the examinee's ability level. Anyway, it doesn't require much studying to do really well if you are smart enough to be a dentist!
Thanks for the advice. However, Im pretty sure Im not scoring anywhere near perfect on verbal or writing :eek:

Any other opinions regarding timing?