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Sep 2, 2002
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I wanted to know what are the average gre scores for PA students. I am applying to GW, Yale, PCOM and some other schools. I just want to know if I need to retake them or if the schools look at them in great detail.


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Aug 9, 2002
Philadelphia, PA
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Hey. I took them awhile ago and if I recall 'good scores were in the 600s on each section...verbal, quantitative and analytical. But I heard that as of Oct 1st they are changing the exam and removing the analytical. Anyway, when I got my scores back they give you an "Interpreting Your GRE Score" page which breaks it down as follows:
% of examinees scoring lower than scaled scores:
score: verbal quant analytical
800 99 98 99
700 97 76 86
600 85 55 61
500 60 32 35
400 28 13 14
300 4 2 3

Also they broke it down by broad intended graduate major field. (I think the closest for PA school would be life and physical sciences which were as follows:)
v q a
life science 463 555 560
physical science 494 675 613

Like I said, I took them a couple years ago so these are from around 1999-2000 precentages, there is bound to be variations through the years. I remember 600's being competitive then tho.

Hope this helped some! Good luck.
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