Green Card Question for studying in Caribbean

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by Prospective Doctor, Oct 29, 2002.

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    May 20, 2002
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    I'm a permanent resident of US (Green Card Holder). Are there any concerns or issues for US permanent Residents to live and study outside of US for 2 years? If you're someone who is a permanent resident of US and went to caribbean medical school, please let me know what you did to preserve your green card. I have heard a lot of things about not able to stay for more than six months, re-entry permit etc.

    I am very worried. I do not want to risk my green card status. Please reply!!

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  3. getin

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    Oct 4, 2002
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    I didn't go to the Caribbean yet, but as u said u r only allowed to stay outside US for 6 months and u have to come back. Most people come back during the summer and then back to Caribbean. ...So don't worry about it too much there are many way u can do it. (I am getting my citizenship next year :clap: ) I hope I could get in to US school before I had to consider Caribbean :rolleyes:
  4. Skip Intro

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    Apr 29, 2002
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    Attending Physician
    Provided your green card doesn't expire and you return back to the U.S. (or at least Puerto Rico) to get your passport stamped before the six-month thing, I don't think there are any problems.

    A lot of students at Ross are in the same boat. I haven't heard of any of them having a problem. However, coordinate with the school you plan to attend. That's the surest way to avoid problems.

    MS2 Ross University
    Portsmouth, Dominica
  5. tBw

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    Oct 6, 2001
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    it depends which answer you want - the answer that tells you your legal standing regarding this, or the answer as to what has happened *in-practice*. The former answer tells you what rights you are guaranteed (none!) and the latter tells you what ones you are likely to be afforded.

    Most people answering this thread have given the latter (in-practice rights). It has been common in the past for people to retain permanent residency by returning to the U.S. every 6 months. However, under the law this is not actually sufficient to maintain your permanent residency and while it is likely you will be okay doing this, things change. It is unclear whether the INS will continue to enforce the rule in this rather loose interpretation.

    In reality the law states that as a PR, you have to show clear intent to maintain your residence in the US at all times. You can stay abroad for up to a year, but you have to have your residence here. You also require a strong indication that you did not abandon your residence ie have not established a permanent residence abroad. With a reentry permit, you can stay abroad for a maximum of 2 years. Again, you have to maintain your residence in the US at all times (eg own property here, pay taxes here, have a spouse still residing in the U.S., etc). Travelling to the US once a year is alone not enough to maintain your GC. The problem is that application and enforcement depends on the particular INS agent. In most instances immigration do not pay particularly close attention to when you come and go and how long you stay. On occasion immigration officials have successfully challenged a persons 'residency' if they spend more time out of country than in. I am unaware of medical students that have faced this problem but other people certainly have.

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