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"Green flags" for fellowships?


Full Member
10+ Year Member
May 3, 2011
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Hi fellow Neurofolk,

I just began PGY3 in Neuro residency and am starting to look into fellowships, I have reached out to some and received a reply by email Sunday (!!). I thought this was pretty cool because not only was it the weekend, it was a holiday weekend and the responder was an attending.

Would you consider this a "green flag" for a program, or at least for the person who runs it? Or does it not matter/am I reading too much into this?

Thank you!


destroyer of tremors, zapper of brain nucleii
10+ Year Member
Apr 13, 2009
  1. Attending Physician
Could mean a lot of things. PD is highly responsive, or a workaholic, or desperate for applicants. I wouldn't read into it too much.
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