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Jan 7, 2009
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    There are many variations of group interviews.

    The most common is to have 2-3 applicants sitting in front of a panel (2-3 faculty members), and it is just like a regular question/answer interview. They will switch turns with who answers first and last, etc.

    There was an interesting technique my girlfriend went through for the PA program at the University of Colorado. They had 10 applicants in a room and split them into 2 groups of 5. They then presented each group with a medical case that had some element of ethical concern and asked them to talk about and evaluate the case. They were not asked any questions, and the faculty simply walked around the room and observed them interacting with each other.


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    Dec 5, 2008
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      I have taken part in many group interviews, PM me and i can give you a run down. Like the previous poster said there are many styles of conducting a group interview. Also there is a thread if you go one or two pages back that is gives some good advice.

      lemme know
      Does anyone know about group interviews? I heard some places do a group exercise.


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      Apr 10, 2009
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        I was nervous about attending a group interview at Temple University because I thought I would have to be assertive to be heard in group discussions. However, the interview at Temple was relaxed. It was 3-4 students and two Interviewers (current student, and current faculty). Questions were asked and each applicant took turns answering. In the end most applicants probably felt a little short changed because they really only had about 5-7 min of speaking time. At some points in the interview I chose to comment on something another applicant already said (always positive comments) as a way of trying to include applicants in a group discussion. However, the interviewer kept a format of one question to one applicant. A number of us traveled across the country to be here, and than only spoke at our interview for about five minutes!
        I have read the group interview format is chosen to see how well applicants are able to interact with potential classmates and instructors in a group discussion format, and to expedite the interview process. I have heard of other adaptations within a group interview model but this is the only I am directly familiar with. Hope this helps!
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