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Oct 10, 2007
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Hey guys,
I wanted to know what the interview day at GW was like. They just gave me a random time in the morning that I am suppose to come in. Is that when my first interview is? I know there are suppose to be two interviews.

Also what should i focus on to prepare? Should I read articles regarding health care policy etc since they seem to be big on that.



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Oct 3, 2007
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You will meet at Himmelfarb at the time that they wrote in your email. When you get there, there will be a desk at the front where you must show them your ID and you will get a visitor's pass. Someone will take you up to the room you need to meet in and you will be in there w/ other interviewees. You will talk w/ the Interview Coordinator among other people (dean, student opportunities coordinator, etc.) in here and then will be taken on a tour.

After the tour, you come back to the same room, hear some about financial aid, and have lunch w/ some students. Then, interviewers start to get people from that room. They will come and get you and take you to a room close by and then bring you back to the room you started in. Your next one will come shortly after that. After your interviews, you're done!

It's super low key for the most part. They really try to tell you that everything is low stress and non-confrontational. Since the interviews are blind, just know things about yourself that you would like to talk about. Convey your interests and be able to say why they mesh well w/ GW's program. Check out the Interview Feedback section on here for other questions.

Lots of luck! :luck::luck::luck: