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Discussion in 'Public Health Degrees (Masters and Doctoral)' started by PsyD4me, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Any thoughts/ pro's/ con's on George Washington vs. U of Maryland? Which is better?
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    I'm a current UMCP student, looking to do an individualized undergrad program in health. I cannot give too much info as of now, but:

    1. UMCP has tuition remission if you can beome employeed there. Very nice, especially if you're short on cash. Plus can gain valuable experience.

    2. Dr. Sawyer. :thumbup: LOVE HIM! Absolutely amazing man, funny, entertaining... all around someone you'd like to spend time around/have no problem having to go to him. Very open and friendly.

    3. The attitudes. I have been in HHP and dealt with their faculty/admin frequently, and they are some of the nicest people I have ever come across at the campus. :)

    4. Bus system is wonderful and free to students. With gas at $2/gallon, it's nice to not have to drive.

    5. I've met several grad students as TAs, and they're happy at UM.

    6. Chipotle right on Knox Rd. YUMMMMMMM :love:


    1. Parking is horrible... although if you're in HHP their is a huge lot nearby. Just the rest of the campus is horrible beyond words.

    2. Housing. Sometimes it's hard to secure housing at a reasonable price in CP. There are University Courtyards

    3. Route 1/construction on campus. I, among with many other students, have gotten flat tires due to the nails lying around from construction people who cannot clean up after themselves. I got a bobble in a NEW tire by driving in CP for about 2 months--if you do, stay OUT of the right lane. :scared:


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