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Feb 26, 2001
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I had matched with an osteopathic general surgery program in the midwest and completed the tracking internship.
Then a cataclysmic family tragedy happened and I had to take some time away. I lost the spot over it.
Now I am trying to pick up the pieces and return to the position. The program tells me they currently have no available PGY-2 spots.
I contacted the AOA and all they did was inform me of 2 programs, one on each coast that had PGY-2 spots.
Other DO surgeons side with me, saying that my original program is somewhat obligated to stand behind their people and take me back. After all I didn't go away to smoke dope or find myself. I happen to agree with that. I wished the AOA would have been a little supportive, given I get about 10 letters a month, telling me how they stand up for my interests.

Any ideas ?


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Apr 26, 2002
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:( Ouch.

I know your pain...

Thing is, is even if you're "tracking", internship is internship, and for DO's whether you're tracking or linked (I'm pretty sure anyway), it's a one year contract and they have the ability to opt out of continuing your position there, as do you. But in this case it sounds like they are just being fickle jerk-o's with no consideration toward your situation. I just don't get how they do this. They love you enough as a candidate to get you to their program but when you have a 'situation' they wash their hands of you in a split second. :rolleyes:

I suppose that if in any way you are still on good "personal" terms with anyone at that institution that influences the gensurg residency maybe you can keep at it, and bang the door down. But if this situation has entered pissing-match mode and the folks in charge have a bad taste in their mouth because of you you might not have any luck and may need to grab a spot somewhere else.

PM me if you want to discuss programs you could get a spot at, I may have heard something about them that might help you make a decision.

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