Half Native Hawaiian - URM boost?

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Did some searching but didn't find anything related to my question. Do Native Hawaiians get a URM boost? If so, does being half negate that? We're included in the AAMC definition, but we're such a small portion of the population that I'm not sure if med schools care...
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Apr 23, 2016
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If Native Hawaiians are included in the AAMC definition of URMs then they are URMs lol.

However...it's not just some boost to your application. If you identify as a URM, you need to be ready to show your commitment to your community and be ready to talk about your identity. I applied as a URM and I am half black, but I mentioned my identity in every essay I've written for schools and have discussed it at every single interview because it is a significant part of my life.


Thank you for the answer! I also feel very close to my community in ways that I will write about. To be clear, I'm not just looking for an "easy boost" to my application. I'm trying to form a school list so I want to make sure I'm applying realistically, and I'm not sure if/how my URM status will affect that list if that makes sense.
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