1. M

    Secondaries Submitted, WAMC as a cancer survivor?

    519 / 3.98 stats. Hello, I have been a lurker for a while. I just wanted honest opinions about my chance with top schools. I am an URM (latino male) and cancer survivor. I wrote about my ordeal and what I learned throughout the process. I have diverse research experience but no publications. I...
  2. padajuan

    School List Help: URM, 3.3 GPA, 509 MCAT, SMP

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS Undergrad cGPA: 3.16 AMCAS and 3.16 AACOMAS sGPA: 2.98 AMCAS and 3.04 AACOMAS Postbacc 4.00 Graduate SMP in Biomedical Sciences cGPA: 3.82 AMCAS and 3.82 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.81 AMCAS and 3.82 AACOMAS cGPA: 3.31 AMCAS and 3.31 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.21...
  3. S

    Clinical Volunteering/Underserved Communities

  4. M

    WAMC- low mcat URM

    Hello all! As you’ll probably be able to tell from my info below, I show a great interest in giving back to my own community (AA female) through my job, ECs and volunteering. It’s been my dream to attend an HBCU for medical school from the time that I decided I wanted to become a physician. I...
  5. S

    WAMC/School List. Low ECs

  6. BoctorBro

    SCOTUS decision hypothetical

    Since the Supreme Court will likely rule in favor striking down race based admissions, how would med schools be able to use diversity essays? If a student were to voluntarily mention their background as a minority, would med schools still be able to take that into consideration despite not being...
  7. V

    WAMC? Low sGPA, high SMP and post-bacc

    Hi! I am preparing for the upcoming cycle and would greatly appreciate some guidance! Thank you in advance. 1. cGPA: 3.1 and sGPA: 2.5 -- SMP: 3.8, postbacc: 4.0 *doing both at the same time so my postbacc so far is only 12 credits 2. MCAT score(s) and breakdown: haven't taken yet, testing in...
  8. pleasantpeanut4

    WAMC: URM, cGPA 3.45, sGPA 3.15 513 MCAT

    Academics: I need help with my school list, since my GPA is weak and MCAT is pretty mediocre. I already feel pretty bad having to reflect on these past few years, but might as well rip off the band-aid and move forward. I am an AA male who majored in neuroscience Columbia for undergrad, where I...
  9. LuminatorMan

    URM, 3.2 cgpa, 3.8 post-bacc gpa, 504 MCAT

    3.2 cgpa, 2.7 sgpa [3.8 post-bacc gpa (46crs), 3.7 post-bacc sgpa (25crs)] Strong upward trend from my junior spring up until my year and a half of DIY post-bacc work. 5.5 years of undergrad total. My first 2.5 years were horrible. I had non-existent study habits that stemmed from dealing with...
  10. I

    advice for upcoming cycle

    Hello, I'm pretty new here. I have been extremely hesitant to post here due to the tone of some of the responses that may follow but I'm really feeling a bit lost right now. I am planning on applying this upcoming cycle and will be retaking my mcat soon so apologies for the lack of data in that...
  11. monkeym8

    WAMC/School list (URM; disability; nontrad; MPH grad) - MCAT 503 cGPA 3.49 sGPA 3.29

    Hi there, I was wondering if y'all could help me formulate a school list as a non-trad URM with a rather low MCAT score... Background URM, moderate hearing loss (wear hearing aids), and ADHD (not sure if I would disclose this tbh; diagnosed 2nd yr in college) Parents were refugees from the...
  12. Monica Ahedor

    WAMC 4.0/502/URM University of Oklahoma

    Hi! I know this sounds dumb, but I am only applying to the University of Oklahoma this cycle. I have a scholarship from them that pays for 2.5 years of my tuition. If I get rejected this cycle, I will apply again (because I will still have my scholarship) and apply to other schools as well, but...
  13. L

    WAMC: Non-trad, low MCAT

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE Still awaiting verification but self-calculated cGPA: 3.56 sGPA: 3.3 MCAT - 494 State of Residence - Grew up in TN. Strong ties to WA, MS. URM Ivy Nonvolunteer clinical - Est. 7000+. Volunteer Clinical - 300+ (VAMC, Community Clinics for...
  14. I

    3.9X/52X/URM WAMC

  15. OchemOficionado

    ***2022-2023 URM Medical School Application Thread***

    It's that time of the year again! Please feel free to share your cGPA, sGPA, MCAT, Major, if you're non-trad, your ECs, etc. and ask and answer questions! Dates: AMCAS Opens - May 3rd, 2022 Application Submission - May 31st, 2022 Completed Applications Transmitted to Medical Schools - June...
  16. B


  17. I

    WAMC? 3.6/507/URM

    I’m FGLI URM so pls be gentle, I don’t have a reference point (but also be truly honest) URM black female low-income Questbridge Match Recipient T10 undergrad From GA but am in IL for undergrad Graduating this June cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.63 (upward trend last 2 years with all A’s except for to...
  18. P

    Should I let this have an impact on my decision to apply this cycle (URM)?

    I recently learned of the SCOTUS agreeing to hear two cases that could end affirmative action. From reading up on it, a decision will likely be made by June 2023. I am a URM taking a gap year and I wasn't planning on applying this cycle, but hearing of this news has me worried about what will...
  19. Neaz_eternum

    Native South American, how do I check off?

    Long story short, my mom is mestizo and we live with my Indigenous grandmother who cooks Indigenous food and taught us some of the language. I did extensive research on our tribe back in the home country (coming to an undergrad journal near you in 2 months) recording some of our legends and oral...
  20. globaldoc27

    3.5 GPA 510 MCAT URM TX: Help with school list!!

    Hi, I am in the process of planning out which schools to apply to and wanted to know which schools are reasonable. I am AA (Nigerian) female with 3.5 OGPA, 3.42BCPM, 499->510 MCAT. I am currently enrolled in a masters program that's geared to help pre- professional students. I have 1 year in...
  21. B

    WAMC/School list URM (3.6 BCPM/3.5 Cum Gpa) MCAT 508 Great ECs

    Hi everyone! I am new to SDN so if I am naive or annoying about anything please forgive me in advance. For my committee letter process, I need to make a school list and I wanted some feedback as I've heard good and bad about my application. I am looking for MD, but open to DO. Below I have...
  22. monkeym8

    About to graduate with MPH but still have a desire for medical school

    hey there! my name is Kevin and I have an interesting dilemma... about myself: child of immigrants who escaped the khmer rouge, have a hearing loss, ADHD, and grew up in a rural community. have shadowed derm, ent, family I graduated from a top public university in 2019 with a BS in Public...
  23. C


    Decided to delete question. I'm receiving some outside help now. Thank you!
  24. LuminatorMan

    Applying to both MD and SMP at the same school.

    Hello all. I need some advice to help me with my gameplan. Due to feeling shaky about my acceptance chances when I apply this summer, I will also be applying to SMPs. That said, how would it be viewed by a med school’s adcoms if I applied to both their MD program and their SMP at the same time...
  25. M

    How do African immigrant groups feel about making up an increasing number of Black students at medical schools?

    Obviously as a race, those who identify as Black or African Americans are still very underrepresented in medicine. But when you consider the makeup of medical schools today, especially at top high stat schools, it seems that the majority of those that identify as Black or African American are...
  26. N

    Graduated with low GPA, but I'm ready to to make a comeback. HELP!

    I don't want to focus too much on my sob story, but the gist of it was my biggest support system passed away during undergrad and I spiraled. To get straight to the point, I graduated in the spring with a 2.7 GPA, have over hundreds of community service hours, research, and I'm currently a CMA...
  27. G

    School list help for 2023

  28. L

    WAMC/Am I on track?

    State/country of residence: New England Ties to other states/regions: Tennessee, Georgia, Washington, Mississippi URM: Yes Veteran: Yes School: Ivy Year in school: Junior Undergraduate major: medical anthropology Cumulative GPA: 3.83 Science GPA: 3.64 MCAT: scheduled for SPR2022 (AAMC...
  29. H

    MD WAMC/School List -

    MCAT - 505 -->128/125/127/125 cGPA- 3.57 sGPA- 3.54 Science major, non-trad applicant (entering 4th gap year), Hispanic, good Spanish, from Rural community with interest in working in rural community after residency. Worked as peer-mentor in undergrad. Was a member of Pre-med fraternity for...
  30. D

    MD & DO NEJM: Supporting Trainees from Groups That Are Underrepresented in Medicine

    https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2105270 August 5, 2021 N Engl J Med 2021; 385:487-489 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp2105270 excerpt: Now that the 2021 U.S. residency-program match is over, program directors are assessing the success of their diversity-recruitment efforts. In the wake of...
  31. nn0401

    What are my chances? Should I increase my school list? (MD+DO) (3.3cGPA/503/CA/URM)

    Hey y'all! Thanks for clicking. I feel like a hail mary applicant with my stats.. What are my chances? Should I increase the number of schools I've applied to (both MD and DO) just to increase my probability of an acceptance? 1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA: 3.3...
  32. rashmile

    Life Skills Seminar for Medical Students and Residents

    Hey y'all, Rad BootCamp is putting on a session this Saturday, 5/8/21, @ 2 PM focusing on Life Skills that would benefit any medical student or new resident. We'll have some experts talking about Managing Finances, Managing your time, Having Difficult Conversations with Colleagues, and...
  33. S

    TEXAS WAMC URM non-trad major 3.89/512

    cGPA and sGPA: 3.89/3.95 -> Mechanical Engineering undergrad MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 128/129/126/129 State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): Texas Ethnicity and/or race: Mexican, fluent in Spanish Undergraduate institution or category: Private engineering university...
  34. D

    thank you!

  35. C


    Main Q: Am I considered URM and get an advantage with admissions despite being biracial and not 100%?
  36. frenchfries02

    African-Canadian Applying USMD - Check URM?

    Hello all, I've searched this question and haven't found a definitive answer. I'm applying to MD schools in which internationals are either put in the same pool as everyone (mostly private schools) or are categorized as out-of-state. I am black and I was wondering if I would be considered URM...
  37. Anti_Markovnikov

    WAMC - School List Help 508 3.47c 3.43s URM

    cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.43 MCAT: 508 (128/126/128/126) State of residence - Florida URM - Puerto Rican Low Tier State School Clinical Experience - 330 hours of volunteering at my local hospital at the Emergency Department Research Experience - 1000 hours of research, 4 posters Shadowing experience...
  38. C

    WAMC- School List Help (URM, 3.5, 508)

    Hello, I am working on building my school list and was hoping I can receive some help. I am not too familiar with SDN, so I apologize if this is not in the correct format, etc. My undergrad institution requires a LOR from a DO we have shadowed/worked with in order to apply to DO schools. My...
  39. C