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  1. rashmile

    Life Skills Seminar for Medical Students and Residents

    Hey y'all, Rad BootCamp is putting on a session this Saturday, 5/8/21, @ 2 PM focusing on Life Skills that would benefit any medical student or new resident. We'll have some experts talking about Managing Finances, Managing your time, Having Difficult Conversations with Colleagues, and...
  2. S

    TEXAS WAMC URM non-trad major 3.89/512

    cGPA and sGPA: 3.89/3.95 -> Mechanical Engineering undergrad MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 128/129/126/129 State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): Texas Ethnicity and/or race: Mexican, fluent in Spanish Undergraduate institution or category: Private engineering university...
  3. DoctorRilakkuma

    thank you!

  4. A

    1/2 URM Advantage?

    Greetings, will be applying to medical school soon. - I am 1/2 white and 1/2 Alaskan Native. My Last name is Irish via my father. - I am going to check both boxes, as that is what I identify with. - Have volunteered with (not mine), but with an indigenous organization. Main Q: Am I...
  5. frenchfries02

    African-Canadian Applying USMD - Check URM?

    Hello all, I've searched this question and haven't found a definitive answer. I'm applying to MD schools in which internationals are either put in the same pool as everyone (mostly private schools) or are categorized as out-of-state. I am black and I was wondering if I would be considered URM...
  6. Anti_Markovnikov

    WAMC - School List Help 508 3.47c 3.43s URM

    cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.43 MCAT: 508 (128/126/128/126) State of residence - Florida URM - Puerto Rican Low Tier State School Clinical Experience - 330 hours of volunteering at my local hospital at the Emergency Department Research Experience - 1000 hours of research, 4 posters Shadowing experience...
  7. C

    WAMC- School List Help (URM, 3.5, 508)

    Hello, I am working on building my school list and was hoping I can receive some help. I am not too familiar with SDN, so I apologize if this is not in the correct format, etc. My undergrad institution requires a LOR from a DO we have shadowed/worked with in order to apply to DO schools. My...
  8. L

    WAMC - Low GPa Average MCAT School List Help

    Hi! Any and all help would be appreciated! cGPA and sGPA cGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.0 currently in a 1-yr diy post-bacc MCAT score(s) and breakdown 512 (126, 127, 130, 129) State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US) California Resident Ethnicity and/or race Mexican-American (can...
  9. L

    MD MD School List Critique (3.42 cGPA/3.0 sGPA/510 MCAT/URM)

    Hi all! I wanted to get opinions on the school list I’ve submitted to and potentially get some more suggestions. To add more context to my stats, I have 150 hours of clinical volunteering, 3 years (~450 hours) of research, went to a T10 undergrad, and have had a variety of ECs and leadership...
  10. P

    School List Help?

    All advice would be appreciated! Planning on applying to 30 schools and sending in secondaries soon. Aiming to shoot as high as possible. Demographics: African American Male Cumulative GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 513 (129/125/131/128) Research: 1800 hrs in my university lab (2 poster...
  11. P

    AMCAS School List Advice

    All advice would be appreciated! Planning on applying to 30 schools and sending in secondaries soon. Aiming to shoot as high as possible. Demographics: African American Male Cumulative GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 513 (129/125/131/128) Research: 1800 hrs in my university lab (2 poster...
  12. sleepytimes

    School List Help/ URM/ 508

    Hi there, I am looking for some guidance as I finish my school list for MDs and DOs. Any insight on schools I should remove/add to my list is much appreciated. GPA: 3.61 (BCPM 3.51) MCAT: 508 (retake from 504) Ethnicity: Mexican (green card holder), fluent in Spanish State of residence...
  13. PCON3

    oGPA 3.3 sGPA 3.0 Should I go for it?

    Hello, Just trying to get a feel of what is possible. I have searched other threads but don't know if peoples opinions have changed since then. oGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.0 DAT: 21AA/20TS I have heard you automatically get flagged or thrown out for having a low GPA which I understand but is a 21 high...
  14. D

    MD & DO WAMC/School List Confirmation Help - 3.85 cGPA, 3.79 sGPA, low MCAT (URM)

    Hi everyone, I'm a low SES, 1st gen immigrant URM (Cuban) hoping to apply this cycle. I was hoping that I could get some input on my current school list and see if there are any changes I should make. I'm hoping to apply this cycle and wanted to know if there's a possibility of getting accepted...
  15. daboogiedowndoc

    URM sGPA: 3.23 MCAT 506 School List Help?

    Hi everyone ! I’m a URM applying this cycle. I had an undergrad sGPA of 2.9. Got a M.S after graduation and this sGPA is 3.23. MCAT is a 506. I have about half of my school list finalized but I need some insight on these schools. (Preferably from people who had/have stats similar to mine). Any...
  16. T

    Status of the Hmong (Asian) as a URM

    Hello everyone, I'm Hmong and was wondering what the running take on Hmong as a URM is. The gap between Asian Americans as a whole and the Hmong American population is so significant (poverty, education, health), I wondered if there's a case for us. edit: (meant to highlight the discrepancies in...
  17. P

    MD & DO WAMC? URM 3.6 cgpa, 3.2 sgpa, 3.9 nsgpa

    What are my chances? Had a bad year (sophomore year) but had a 4.0 freshman and junior year. 100-200 ish hours of nonclinical volunteering 100-150 ish hours of clinical volunteering 500-600 hours of clinical research 50 hours of shadowing (haven't taken the mcat but I am consistently scoring...
  18. Z

    DO WAMC? URM (3.45/3.24) / 494

    Hey guys, I am a URM Florida resident. Fluent in Spanish and English. Graduated from my state university in 2017: cGPA 3.45 sGPA 3.24 Took the MCAT twice. Voided first time, 494 second time. ~3,000 hrs as a scribe and medical assistant in an urgent care clinic ~700 hrs as volunteer in the...
  19. elephantintheroom2121

    MD WAMC for 2021-2022 Cycle

    Hey guys, I am planning on taking a gap year to buff up my application. Below is a hypothetical app that I am working on turning into reality amidst all this COVID Chaos. I've put down what is definitely going to happen and what is still in the works. If you guys could look at my stats and let...
  20. D


  21. S

    WAMC: 3.3 cGPA, 3.1sGPA, URM

    Hi I'm curious what you think my chances would be for med school given the following stats: 3.3 sGPA 3.1 sGPA URM: Black Female immigrant State of residence: MA MCAT: Haven't taken yet, what should I be aiming for? Clinical hours: 1000+, worked as a PT aide 6 months full time. Directly worked...
  22. browneyefrenchfry

    what MCAT range should I aim for?

    Background: Junior AA-male, first-gen, low SES, LGBT+, very "inspiring" life story (so much so that, upon acceptance to my UG, they filmed a mini-doc about me and my life, including interviewing teachers from my high school, etc. -- PM for more details haha) GPA: 3.5cgpa/3.3sgpa Experience...
  23. W

    In the event of a hypothetical war/conflict, should an Iranian-American candidate apply as "white" or "other-Iranian" or "other-middle eastern"?

    Hi all, I hope this isn't a stupid question but the recent political turmoil between the USA and Iran has got me on edge. I know in an ideal world your ethnicity shouldn't matter but we all remember Japanese interment and I am worried about bias against middle eastern (specially Iranians)...
  24. P

    WAMC 3.75, 509, URM

    cGPA: 3.75 & sGPA: 3.6 (upward trend) MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 509 (technical difficulties during exam so considering retake?) Ethnicity and/or race: URM Undergraduate institution: Top 20 Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer): ~280hrs Research experience and productivity...
  25. HazelHippie

    Sociology B.A / URM F Afr. / 502 MCAT / Service Oriented

    Hello All! I've been on this forum for a while. I love how helpful everyone is on here. I would like help with building a school list. Notes : Previously been in combined BA/MD program but withdrew in good standing due to illness. This condition is resolved. Graduated undergrad in 2016. 3.5C...
  26. C

    Chemical Engineer Non-Trad Applicant (WAMC/Advice)

    I've been looking around for a while trying to find someone in a situation similar to mine, but I've had no luck. I'm hoping I'm not repeating what anyone else has posted. I graduated last year (May 2018) with a B.S. in chemical engineering (23 y/o; cGPA: 3.88; URM). I initially went to school...
  27. 9


  28. P

    Need some Insight on What Career Direction to Take

  29. C

    URM late applicant, am I done for? Advice needed

    Would anyone care to give me honest feedback about me as a late applicant? I've been kind of down lately because I know I'm late in the game. I'll be taking a late MCAT (Aug 17) and I'll be sending in my AMCAS app for verification at the end of July. This means I'll be complete (MCAT and AMCAS...
  30. M

    Continue research or increase volunteer hours - low gpa URM

    With my cGPA = 3.2 and sGPA =2.7 as well as being an African American woman, I understand that my best chance of acceptance is at schools that are more service based than research based. By the time I apply next year, I am set to have 150 clinical volunteering hours ( hospital ED and hospice)...
  31. T


  32. T

    Should I keep trying? :/

    Hello future doctors! I’ve been secretly viewing posts on SDN since middle school and this is my first post lol. I’m an upcoming senior pre-med at a top 13 public university. So far I have taken Gen chem one and two, bio one and two, anatomy and physiology one, microbiology, precalculus, Calc...
  33. finneganmurphy

    Dental School List Hel?!

    Hi guys, Right now I am preparing to begin the process of applying to dental school. I haven't taken the DAT yet, but I will do so by mid July which is when I hopefully will get my app turned in. My question for y'all is does my school list look ? Should I include more schools? What other...
  34. R

    URM, 520, downward trend, 3.6c, 3.5s

    Hi Posting for a friend applying 2020- AA male NYC 3.60 cumulative gpa 3.50 science gpa 520 MCAT STRONG research STRONG leadership GOOD letters of rec OK clinical & nonclinical experience Yearly Trend: 3.9 - 3.9 - 3.4 - 3.2 1. Would you recommend an additional semester to raise gpa to show at...
  35. yuh

    School list help? 3.54cgpa 3.48sgpa 503 MCAT, URM

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Will be applying this cycle, and need help creating a reasonable school list. Any help would be appreciated. 3.54cgpa, 3.48sgpa MCAT - 503 (122:shrug:/127/125/129) FL resident, Black male Bio major in honors program at public FL school Clinical experience...
  36. A

    What are my chances of being accepted at the following Florida state schools? Seeking some much needed advice!

    Hello all! I am pretty new to SDN and after many days of scrolling through various forums I have been able to gather some very useful information. To start off with here are some of my basic stats: Ethnicity: Haitian (born in Haiti raised in Miami) Class Standing: Senior (graduate in December...
  37. P


  38. T


  39. Q

    MD School List (CA-Res, 518, 3.60, URM)

    Hey all, I'm trying to think strategically about my school list for the upcoming cycle. I am trying to cut down and see if there are other schools I am forgetting. Any help you have regarding this would be helpful. I am stealing the formatting from reddit to help organize my stats. Year in...
  40. A

    Any tips for starting a maps chapter at my school?

    I want to start one next semester and just wanted some advice as far as leadership/ managing events/ juggling it with my studies from anyone who has experience with it or anything similar. I am also becoming an RA as well so I hope that I'm not biting off more than I can chew.