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Mar 5, 2017
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Dear Students,

Are you looking to improve your USMLE, NBME, or COMLEX scores to have the best opportunity for any residency program?

MedBoardTutors staff can help! We have extremely high average scores compared to other USMLE tutoring companies with average USMLE scores of 260+ and COMLEX scores of 800+. We also have 10,000+ hours of online tutoring experience for the USMLE, NBME and COMLEX, working with both U.S. and International medical graduates. We have seen great improvement in our students, and believe that our personalized approach to each student allows for our students to reach their maximum potential. Our tutors have experience directly writing questions for the Qbanks, and can impart their ability to get inside the mind of the question writers directly to you. This often makes the difference between doing "just alright" and crushing your boards!

We tutor because we love to teach, and help our fellow colleagues. Because of this, our tutoring rates are significantly less expensive than our competitors. While it will not cost you as much, we offer the same quality, effective services as other companies.

If interested, please check out our website at www.medboardtutors.com

There, you will find information about our services, testimonials, pricing and how to start the tutoring program.

We look forward to hearing from you!

MedBoardTutors - Michael Shriver, MD and Andrew Beck, MD

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