Hand held voice recorders

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good ones you guys have and are cheap??

u find them useful?

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I like the Iriver Ifp-180t (also 360t version)--size of lipstick, holds I think 1 hour of conversation, and nice sound quality. Should be about $100 or less at local electronics store/Ebay, and doubles as FM tuner and MP3 player.
i have an iRock digital recorder from Radio Shack. paid about $100... records up to 18 hrs (64MB memory - fixed) but battery life is only about 3 hrs (longer if you use lithium rechargeables). good quality recordings, but the onboard speaker isn't so great (but it comes with head phones). you can attach an external mike too. plays mp3s. connects to PC by 1394 connection. has it's own desktop software. about 1/4 inch x 1 inch x 3 or 4 inches..

i use it in public health school. i don't think taping would have helped me much in med school...all the info was pretty easy to extract from text and handouts. i didn't pay attention to lectures when i WAS there...i wasn't going to listen to it again after the fact.
i got iRiver...512MB...for $199 at best buy...
pricier than other post...but you can play mp3s...and radio and record...
I sorely bought this just for mp2 use...but i start using it for class...
after I put 4 hrs worth of songs for studyin...or work out...
I could still record 8 hrs of lecture...now i've start using it...
good sound quality...even though i sit in the middle of the class room...(prolly got to do with good sound system in our new lecture building....)