hardest aamc test?

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Aug 9, 2007
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Which practice test (i have access from 3-9) would you say is the hardest one? i'm taking the beast on monday and i want to take my final practice test tomorrow and see how I do. I've been consistent around 30-32 but that was before i finished my prep class and so technically i'm "ready" I just want a graps as to if my scores will hold up against a harder test, i've already taken like 10-6 so i guess out of 3/4/5 which is the harder one?

Or just which is the hardest in general so i can gauge my performance.

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ok, so which is the next hardest lol?

becuase i took aamc 10 a while back before i had completed the prep course so i really didn't know much (being that i have never taken physiology and physics/gchem were taken like 4 years ago)

i got a 29 on the test:

11 6 12

but i didn't know all the material at the time of the test (aside from ochem)