harding university interview

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Jul 22, 2008
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anyone have an interview at harding university on January 16? how are you getting there? if by LIT then how are you going to get to campus.

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Good luck on your interview. I am a P1 here at Harding and I love it. You will enjoy the interview process. You can ask me if you have any questions.
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ohhhh. i wish i went to the interview last yr :( I turned it down.
i didn't think it was the right school for me.
ahhhh. hope for the best this year.

g'luck on the interview, sanjayp49
and congrats P1, PharmTheQuah!
I got an interview on feb 27, 09. I was wondering if anyone had went to the interview yet? How was the interview and what kind of questions did they ask? Does anyone else have an interview on that day. Anyone get accepted yet?