SURVEY OPEN: 2023 Situational Judgment Test Experience survey (University of Mississippi)

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If you were an applicant for the University of Mississippi PharmD program in 2023-2024, you were asked to take the Acuity Insights Casper Assessment.

Your feedback matters! We have no responses from pre-pharmacy applicants.

We want to hear from as many people as possible, especially those attending or applying outside of medicine (MD/DO). This year saw an expansion of SJTs in admissions, and more information has been made available on preparing for these assessments. We want to stay current with these trends to guide future applicants and students facing these SJTs.

Many of our findings from the 2022 survey align with the NAAHP Testing Task Force report released last summer. This includes concerns about proctoring, consistency of scoring, and concern that applicants are paying for validity research. But we need more student voices to gain a louder voice to advocate for future health professional school applicants.

Your feedback has helped HPSA develop a workshop focused on preparing for SJTs like Casper and PREview. This workshop is part of our Becoming a Student Doctor preparation course, and we have already had some positive results among those who have participated in our mock interview workshops. An updated workshop will be presented at the UC Davis Prehealth Conference on October 14, and we welcome opportunities to present the full-length SJT workshop to your campus!

Fill out this survey and help future applicants become physicians in their chosen profession!

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