Harvard's Calc II requirement (and other similar schools)…

Feb 18, 2014
I'm graduating this semester and I haven't taken Calc II or other classes that may be required for certain med schools (like Bioethics, Anatomy, etc.) However, I do want to apply to these schools and am willing to take such classes as a non-degree seeking student next Fall 2016 after I send in AMCAS.

Would these schools reject me for not having Calc II, etc. on my undergrad transcript? Or would they question why I chose to take it 3 semesters after I graduated? would they be understanding or disappointed that I was taking it just to fulfill their requirement?

Thanks in advance!
Jan 13, 2013
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If calc II is all you're missing to be competitive for Harvard, I think they would still be willing to give you an II. Prerequisites generally just need to be completed prior to matriculation, and missing one or two at the time of submitting AMCAS is (I think) fairly common.


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Jun 18, 2015
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I don't think Harvard has a Calc II requirement anymore. I think you can take stats instead. In fact, the requirement might have changed so that you have to take stats.


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Aug 17, 2012
Application Requirements

5. Computational Skills/Mathematics

All applicants must complete a one year mathematics sequence that contains calculus and statistics. Biostatistics is preferred for the statistics portion of the requirement.

Computational skills are required for contemporary scientific literacy. Although the calculus of derivatives and integration represents important concepts for the precise, quantifiable understanding of dynamic physiological processes and systems, a full year of calculus focusing on the derivation of biologically low-relevance theorems is less important than mastery of more relevant algebraic and trigonometric quantitative skills
On another note, you only have to complete prerequisites before matriculation, not application (at every school I know of).


Even Hopkins has now added "6-8 hours of calculus/statistics" to MSAR, it being one of the main schools why pre meds use to take calc 2 for