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has anyone ever failed step 2 CS?

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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 24, 2004
    maqsur said:
    It can be done if you have poor interpersonal skills. This is what I hear about others who fail this exam. They have good clinical data gathering skills, and can speak English fine, but they are bad at communicating with patients.

    Do you know anything about people in the oppisite situation...great interpersonal skills, great counseling but didn't do very well on gathering the clincal data(I just had a rally bad day and forgot LOTS of important things) Are interpersonal skills more important the the latter?

    Thanks...I'm really worried about this


    Junior Member
    10+ Year Member
    Jan 13, 2005
      Halaljello said:
      im thinking of taking this bs test 2 weeks after my core rotations are done. how much does one actually have to prepare for this crap?

      to be honest, you could probably go in cold and do fine, especially 2 weeks after core rotations. however, there are certain little nuances that you won't know about unless you a) ask someone who already took it, or b) read a book, like kaplan cs or first aid cs. i don't think that those little things would be enough for you to fail, but they are grading on a bell curve, which means somebody has to fail. better to cover all your bases, i say.
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